Safety Videos

Impactful Training Experiences

There are many benefits of video as a teaching tool to communicate workplace safety. Statistics show that employees trained with video perform better than other traditional training methods. Employee safety videos ensure that nothing is lost in translation and greatly reduces the overall cost of training and orientation. As an internal corporate communication tool, video is by far one of the most effective, cost-conscious, and versatile safety solutions. Video content should be customized for each company and unique situation. Generic instruction is far less productive.

Retain and Recall

Engage Employees

Mobile Learning

On-target Messaging

Consistency is key to company training, and video is one of the most effective ways to create message continuity. People interpolate information in different ways which can lead to inconsistent behavior. Using video to deliver a safety message will ensure that everyone receives the same message with the same meaning, inflection, and delivery.

Holistic Learning

Videos replicate multisensory teaching techniques and strategies that stimulate learning by engaging students on multiple levels. Well-produced safety videos capture people’s attention, hold it for longer, and create better recall. Videos can tap into people’s emotions. Studies show that when people have an emotional connection to learning, they perform better on testing.

On-Demand Convenience

We are a mobile society. Video training can accommodate companies with personnel on different schedules and different locations. On-demand solutions help to quickly get everyone up to speed and create efficiencies with on-going communications. Video training allows employees have the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward. Self-guided video lessons and testing can help all students grasp the information while learn at their own speed.

Educate and empower a safer workforce

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