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Interactive Safety Training

Safety has become the most important priority for most industrial companies, but training efforts often fall way too short to reach personnel. Developing effective safety training programs involves a little science, human nature, and modern technology. The power of well-produced training tools helps to reach and influence the audience. Program consistency and follow through will create a culture of safety that everyone wants to practice.

Effective Tools

Culture of Safety

Safer Workplaces

Layers of Learning

People absorb and retain information in different ways. In order to reach all people, good safety training programs must include a variety of teaching methods and tools. This includes videos, hands-on role modeling, safety calendars, safety awareness alerts, and other tools that help create safety awareness on the job and at home.

Follow Through

Research shows that a month after a training session, people only remember about 10% of what they learned. Building a strong culture of safety is an on-going task. On-going communications and training is essential to long-term safety engagement. Creating new messaging and methods of delivery help to keep learning fresh. Recognizing and rewarding desirable behavior and achievements are great ways to add incentives to keep awareness and compliance high.

Live Safe

In order to create a culture of safety, it must be first nature for each team member to practice safety daily on the job and at home. Help extend safety practices when employees are en route to and from work and at home with family. Safety calendars create a culture of safety for the whole family and help to remind workers why safety is so important.

Improve the safety and effectiveness of your workforce with a multi-sensory approach

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