Safety Awareness

Custom banners, posters, and visual safety messaging in the workplace can create top-of-mind safety awareness

When it comes to learning, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around. Recent insights into how our brains really work suggest that one safety class or lesson simply won’t get the job done. Research shows that the average student only remembers about 10% of what he or she was taught in a training session or a video lesson after only one month. Repetition is a vital part of forming long-term memory. Incorporating relevant and consistent safety messaging on banners, posters, and flyers can help our brains to remember or “encode” the information for longer. Scientists have proven that information that keeps coming up is encoded as important. Continuing to reinforce important information on banners and posters will aid memory retention and prevent injury.

Reach and maintain higher safety goals through top-of-mind awareness

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